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Birth of the Ministry

Pastors Eric and Carmen Spruill were active members of Promise Land Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, in Jamesville, NC where the Pastor and First Lady are Bishop Anthony R. Terrell, Sr. and Effie Mae Terrell. Here is where a great foundation was formed to propel us to be “Powerful With God rather than Popular With Man”. There are many more accomplishments and opportunities afforded us that I will not take time to mention as to not blow our own horn too loud. 

Together, God has commissioned us to spread and minister the Word of God to all who may not know, uplift and encourage those already in Christ, and live the life. God has allowed us not only to bring a Word, but also to have actually experienced and dealt with the very issues God calls us to minister about. hence, Truth 4 Life Ministries, Inc. (ministry of Love, Hope, Help and Deliverance) was born before either of us were officially called into the ministry. We have four blessed and highly favoured children: Zechariah Wishe, Camryn Faith, Erin Joy, and Xzavier Wishe.

Because of the passion deposited in our spirit for His Word and desire to draw others closer to him, God had previously set me over St. James Church of Christ (Durham) for a little over 5 years.  During this time he allowed us to minister to those in need and prepare His house for the move He is calling in these last days.  He commissioned us to break the bonds of Everyday Religion and Re-Institute His Desire for Personal Relationship!!!

In 2013 we Celebrated 11 years of Ministry.  Also , here, in the midst of 2013, Truth 4 Life Ministries, Incorporated, had been blessed with additional preaching and teaching Elders on the roster for the Spiritual Man, a DYNAMIC Praise Team, and also, the T4LM Band that sets the tone of Morning Worship with the anointing resting heavily upon them throughout service.  We added a T4L n' Motion Personal Trainer to the roster for the PHYSICAL man.  We also added on a T4L "Living Truth" Praise Dance Team.

And surprisingly enough, this year, we have also, by God's moving, been blessed with a branch in Osun, Nigeria, Truth 4 Life Ministries - Nigeria, headed by Pastor Abel  Oyedele Oyewale.

God has called us back to His Ministry full time and continues to show himself strong in our life while not allowing us to be tied down by the constraints of normalcy in the ministry. We cannot wait to see what God has in store next!!!! ... God we ask that you continue to have your way and we will make sure we continue to ... #MountUp!.. (Isaiah 40:31)

God is doing a great work in the ministry and it is my desire that it speaks to the total man of all ages focusing on God's desire to know each of us Personally and Intimately. God's raising a people that will walk w/ Him, exhibit His love & operate in His will despite opposition. Walk Against The Grain -Walk With The Glory - He's doing a New Thing! (Isaiah 43:19)

Come and join us as He Propels us to focus on Kingdom Restoring, Building & Relationships as we minister to the Total Man!!!  "Building Lives, Families, and Futures"

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